Enhancing the usability of your SAP Plant Maintenance Investment

ZPMSolutions is an application software company specialising in complete solutions to enhance the usability of your SAP Plant Maintenance investment.

These solutions include designed business processes with supporting training documentation, consulting services and technical developments.

We have designed our solutions to improve customer useability, to enable best practices, with innate functionality, visual graphics and simple processes.

Our Solutions integrate with and inhabit the SAP programme, operating cohesively and enabling companies to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve reporting.

ZPM Solutions has had substantial global experience with the mining industry, also across a range of industries and specialises in both fixed plant and mobile maintenance.
ZPMSolutions has extensive experience in the following industries:
  • Iron Ore
  • Coal
  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • Copper/Zinc
  • Gas

With ZPM Solutions, you can:
  • Utilise existing data to improve future planning
  • Provide solutions to ensure compliance with business processes
  • Highlight where opportunities exist for improvement (e.g. planning, cost reduction)